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Andy Wells

News from Andy Wells

Jobsworth Council Fine Pensioners For Littering After They Dropped Cherry Stones

A retired couple who were enjoying a bag of cherries under a tree in the sunshine were slapped with a £160 fine by council workers who accused them of LITTERING.

Peter Marsh, 69, and his wife Gillian Green, 65, were each given an £80 on the spot fine for leaving the cherry stones under the tree.

The couple claim the enforcement officers who approached them “behaved more like nightclub bouncers”, and the experience left them “terrified”.

They complained to Canterbury City Council, arguing the response to no more than 15 cherry stones being left was "far too heavy-handed.”

However, the council’s environmental team said they must pay up after they sought legal advice.

The pair have now paid their fines but Peter continued to complain and they were finally refunded £40 each.

Retired management consultant Peter, from Deal, Kent, said: "We ate no more than 15 cherries between us and put the stones at the base of the tree.

"When we left to continue shopping, we were approached by two men who were quite intimidating. We thought they were policemen.

"They did say they were enforcement officers but didn’t explain clearly what was happening.

"It was terrifying. They separated us and were far too heavy-handed. We are law-abiding people.

"We were scared at that point as we didn’t really know what was going on.

"At all times they were very polite but wouldn’t answer any of my questions and simply kept to their script, despite the fact they could see our discomfort.”

Peter was in Canterbury for a hospital appointment and said he was “shaking” after being approached.

He added: “I believe we were deliberately targeted as an older age couple who wouldn’t make a fuss.

"While totally supporting Canterbury City Council’s stance on litter, I think issuing a penalty of £160 for biodegradable cherry pips is overzealous.

"Surely a verbal warning would have been more appropriate - the way it was carried out was just disgusting.”

A Canterbury City Council spokesman said there was a bin in “reasonable” distance of the couple which they should have used.

He said: “Litter in the city centre is a priority issue for the public, as shown in our residents’ survey, and we seek to enforce fairly no matter the age or gender of the person who commits an offence.

"We consider that everything discarded improperly on the street is litter and we cannot differentiate between an item being large or small, cigarette end or food packaging, a half-melon or cherry leftovers.

"In this case, there was a bin within a reasonable distance for them to use.”

The spokesman added that CCTV cameras on the enforcement officers’ clothing showed that their approach was “fair and reasonable”.

He added: "Unfortunately these situations are often uncomfortable for both the individual and the officer. “

Pics: SWNS/Rex


Hero Dad Dies From Cancer After Raising £500k To Help Daughter Battling Same Disease

An inspirational dad who spent his final days raising £500,000 for his young stepdaughter’s cancer treatment while battling his own brain tumour has died.

Tom Attwater, 32, has been labelled a hero after ignoring his own disease to ensure that six-year-old Kelli Smith was given the best start chance of life.

The youngster endured childhood cancer neuroblastoma aged just three-months-old and then again aged three in 2012.

And in the same year, tragic Tom was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer - and he spent his remaining years raising funds for the daughter of his wife, Joely.

Paying tribute to her husband’s efforts, Joely said: “Tom was my hero. His drive to help Kelli astounded all who knew him.

“Despite his extreme fatigue and daily seizures, he got out of bed every day to help fundraise.

"He wanted me to know that although he wouldn’t live to any age, Kelli would have the very best chance of life.”

Tom wanted Kelli to receive pioneering medical care not available on the NHS and vowed to raise half a million pounds so that he could send her to America.

Last December, Tom’s dying wish came true when he hit the £500,000 mark, something he described as the “greatest achievement of his life”.

Just one month before he had celebrated the birth of his son Fletcher with Joely, who was born against the odds while Tom was having cancer treatment.

But on Tuesday this week, the brave dad lost his battle against the disease and sadly died at his home in Pattingham, Staffs., with his family by his side.

Heartbroken Joely, a social care student, said: "Tom gave me the happiest moments of my life and I am in indescribable pain now he has gone…

"This is a very tough time for Kelli. We explained that daddy’s ‘naughty lump’ in his head couldn’t be cured and that one day he would go to heaven while she was still a child.

"That’s why it meant so much to Tom to walk Kelli down the aisle at our wedding because he knew he wouldn’t be there when she is a bride, and Kelli knew this.

"She will cherish that moment forever.”

Joely described the moment she told Kelli that daddy would have to leave them soon as “the most difficult moment of her life”.

She added: "Kelli is a daddy’s girl and she will struggle to adjust without her wonderful, loving father.

"Little Fletcher’s face always lit up and showed a real look of love when he was in Tom’s arms.

"We have hundreds of pictures of their time together and I am devastated that they will be all Fletcher has of the amazing man who was overjoyed to see him born…

Tom’s father Tony Attwater, 62, said: "We are so proud that despite his illness he managed to raise all that money for the Kelli appeal.

"We will miss him so much. His personality filled the room.”

His mum Sue Attwater, 61, added: “He worked hard and played hard but family always came first.

"He always told Kelli never to give up on anything but unfortunately this was one fight he could never win.”

Kelli is currently cancer free but has been told she is likely to suffer a relapse and the money raised will go towards the treatment in the USA if this occurs.

Joely has now set up a memorial fund in Tom’s name for Brain Tumour Research. It can be found at


Baby Boy Has Two Tubes Where Nose Should Be In Ultra Rare Condition


A newborn baby has been born with a rare genetic deformity that has seen two noses form on his face.

The tot, who has been named Baby Angelito (Little Angel) by his parents has two tubes growing out of the side of his face.

Paediatrician Jose Castillo said the boy’s condition was a result of Patau syndrome, which happens just once in every 10,000 to 15,000 births.


Baby Angelito, who was born in a hospital in Caleta, Peru, is said to be in a stable condition and is keeping down the food he is being given.

Castillo added that his heart and respiratory system are also working fine.

The boy’s parents, mother Lorena Rodriguez Zavaleta, 20, and the father, who has not been named but is aged 25, are constantly at their son’s bedside.

He was transferred from his home in Nuevo Chimbote to the Hospital del Nino some 300 miles away in the capital Lima where he will need to undergo an operation to treat the deformity and give him a normal nose.


The hospital’s neonatal care boss Carlos Arrestegui Ramos said: “He doesn’t have difficulty breathing now, but he will need plastic surgery.”

He added that further tests would be needed to determine how else the boy’s mutation had affected his body.

The mayor of the Nuevo Chimbote district, Valentin Fernandez, has donated nappies, milk and money to Angelito’s parents while they stay in the capital for their son’s treatment.


Dawn Of The Dead: U.S. State Is Getting Ready For A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE

Residents in Kansas are being told to buckle down and prepare for an invasion of the walking dead.

October has been declared ‘Zombie Preparedness Month’ - with an official document even being signed by Governor Sam Brownwich to recognise it.

And in case you thought this was just a stunt to coincide with the next series of zombie drama The Walking Dead later this month - this is actually deadly serious.

The aim is actually to get people ready for a natural disaster, like tornadoes or floods - so there won’t be any brain bashing for now.

Governor Walker said of the plans: “If you’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for anything.

“Although an actual zombie apocalypse will never happen, the preparation for such an event is the same as for any disaster: make a disaster kit, have a plan and practice it.”

A bit of fun was had in all the doom and gloom, with students dressed up as zombies to launch the initiative.

Kansas Division of Emergency Management human services officer Devan Tucking said: “This is a fun way to highlight the need to be prepared for whatever comes our way.

“By coming to our events or going online to participate in our preparedness challenges, people can work toward preparing their families for disasters and emergencies.”

Data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency released this year showed that Kansas saw more disasters from 2004 to 2013 than was seen in the last 50 years.

No zombies were reported in that, thankfully.

Pics: AMC/Rex


Google Maps Moves Welsh Brecon Beacons Mountains To Central London


Anyone trying to navigate around London using Google Maps today may be surprised to find a vast mountain range in the middle of Chelsea.

Even more surprising is that the mountain range - the Brecon Beacons - were until very recently situated about 150 miles away in Wales.

Fortunately, this wasn’t some bizarre planning decision - it was all down to a glitch on the app.

The Brecon Beacons National Park Authority posted the image online, joking that they were no longer at their traditional Welsh home.


They wrote alongside the picture: “We have now moved.

“Londoners get an upgrade thanks to Google Maps.”

The park authority’s chief executive John Cook said: "Well the move has come as a bit of a shock to us all.

"I’m sure it will come as good news to Londoners who want some fresh mountain air on their doorstep.”

Spotting the opportunity to drum up a bit of business, he added: ”The truth is we are only three hours away from London - don’t rely on your sat-nav or Google Maps - just head to Bristol on the M4, cross the bridge, ask a local and they’ll know exactly where to find us.”

Unless they really have moved - in which case the joke is on him.

Pics: Google/Rex


Russian Scientist Claims He Knows The Secret To Eternal Life

Most of us might pray that the key to living forever will be found in our lifetime and, well, it has - according to one Russian scientist.

Anatoli Brouchkov reckons he has found the key to eternal life - but selfishly he isn’t going to let the rest of us try it out for ourselves.

The 58-year-old has injected himself with bacteria - and not any old bacteria either, this stuff is 3.5 BILLION years old.

The ancient bacteria, Bacillus F, was found in the Sakha Republic, Siberia, and has already been tested on mice, fruit flies, plants and human blood cells.

Already Brouchkov, head of the Geocryology Department at Moscow State, claims to be feeling fitter, healthier and stronger

He told the Siberian Times: “I started to work longer, I’ve never had a flu for the last two years.”

However, Brouchkov says while he is enjoying the benefits, it’s far too early for mere mortals like us to get a taste of forever.

He added: “It still needs the experiments. We have to work out how this bacteria prevents ageing.

Originally posted by whothef-cksarcticmonkeys

“I think that is the way this science should develop.

“What is keeping that mechanism alive? And how can we use it for our own benefits?”

Thanks a lot - we were starting to plan our 500th birthday party as well.

Pics: Siberian Times


New Consumer Rights Act: Everything You Need To Know


From today, new laws will give you greater consumer protection measures as the Consumer Rights Act comes into effect.

Consumers will be entitled to full refunds for up to 30 days after the purchase if they buy faulty goods.

And new protection has come in for anyone who buys digital content - including for online books, films and music.

Second-hand goods bought from retailers will also be covered in the act, as well as people who pay for services like haircuts or repairs to cars.

Anyone who provides a service who do not carry out the as agreed terms with the consumer will have to make things right - or even offer up refunds.

So what can you expect from the new act - and what protections will you now enjoy?


What is the new Consumer Rights Act 2015?
The Act aims to make consumer rights much clearer and simpler. It consolidates three big pieces of consumer law - the Sale of Goods Act, the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations and the Supply of Goods and Services Act - to make shopping in the UK a safer and easier process in case things go wrong.

Why do we need a new Act?
The UK marketplace is changing rapidly - shoppers increasingly spending their money on digital content, with more than £2.8 billion spent on downloaded music, video and games last year, up 18 per cent on the previous year. The rules and regulations needed modernising to protect all shoppers and purchases and to ensure that retailers understand their obligations to customers.

What are the main changes?
The Act gives consumers the right to a full refund on a faulty item for 30 days after purchase, makes it easier to challenge hidden fees and charges, and extends the rules to digital content for the first time.

What exactly are my rights now if I buy an item that turns out to be faulty?
Retailers have one opportunity to repair or replace any goods and the consumer can choose which option they prefer. If the attempt at a repair or replacement is unsuccessful, the consumer can then claim a refund or a price reduction if they want to keep the product.


Does this apply to digital purchases too?
The 30-day rule does not apply to digital purchases but retailers have one opportunity to repair or replace any goods and the consumer can choose which option they prefer.

What about unfair terms and small print?
The key terms of a contract, including price, can be assessed for fairness. This is an improvement for customers because previously such terms were exempt from a fairness test if they were written in plain language. If a term is unfair, the company is no longer allowed to enforce it.

What do I do if a company or staff member still denies me a refund or disputes the new rules?
Businesses have an obligation to ensure all staff understand the new Act, but certified Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) providers are available to help when a dispute cannot be settled between the business and the consumer. This should be a quicker and cheaper option than going through the courts. A full list of ADR providers can be found at


Police Smash Into Car To Rescue Baby That Turns Out To Be A DOLL

Police who spotted what they thought was a baby lying alone on the back seat of a car were left red-faced after it turned out to be a toy doll.

Officers were called to the car park of Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley by a concerned passer-by who noticed the ‘baby’ on its own.

After asking the advice of nurses from the hospital, who agreed the “extremely lifelike” doll was a real infant, the two police smashed the the window of the Vauxhall Corsa.

But they found nothing more than a little girl’s doll wrapped in a blanket.

The toy - named Ryan - belonged to 10-year-old Janaih Rattray, who left it in her sister Delesia’s car.

They were stunned when they returned to find the window smashed to pieces - and a note from the police asking the family to call them.

Delesia, 20, said officers should have realised the doll wasn’t real.

The student, who is studying criminology at Wolverhampton University, added: “The doll does look a bit real, like a baby a few months old, but if you look at the hands, which weren’t inside the blanket, and feet you can tell it isn’t.

"I can understand why they broke into the car if they really thought there was a baby inside.”

Delesia was visiting her mother Carole Johnson, 43, who had been taken into the A&E department of the hospital, with her sister Janaih when the window was smashed.

Mrs Johnson, who was released from the hospital later that day, said: “The doll was a limited edition and someone in the family gave it to Janaih.

"I think you could tell by looking at it that it wasn’t real.

"The hands were visible and they were obviously not moving.”

West Midlands Police have since agreed to pay the £90 repair bill to fix the broken window and have since apologised to the family - but backed the officers who believed the doll was a real baby in a “genuine emergency”.

Chief Inspector Phil Dolby, from West Midlands Police, said: “Two of my officers did the right thing when faced with what they genuinely believed was a baby, alone and critically ill in a locked car on the hospital’s car park.

"The extremely lifelike doll was wrapped in a kiddies blanket with only the top of its head exposed.

"The colouration of the head appeared discoloured giving the highly experienced officers additional cause for alarm.

"Efforts were made to trace the owner of the car. But believing this was a genuine emergency, they broke a window to investigate further.

"There’s no suggestion that the doll was placed in a deliberate effort to waste police time so we will of course pay for the damage caused.

"I apologise to the owner of the car, who knows the reasons why my officers took the action they did.

"She will hopefully agree that had it have been a baby in distress and had they not acted, they would be subject of this media scrutiny for all the wrong reasons.”


Facebook Has Just Let You Add a Looping Video Of Yourself As A Profile Pic

The joy of swapping around your Facebook profile picture on a regular basis has now got very interesting as you can now record a looping gif of yourself.

A major new update to your Facebook page lets you record a seven-second clip that will loop over and over - just like a Vine.

So now, instead of a static picture of you drunk or posing with your bae, you can now kiss or dance or make ridiculous faces that will be viewed on repeat.

Let’s be honest, the ridiculous faces option is going to win the day.

One minor drawback to all this is that you need to have iOS software - but as iPhones are pretty much the most popular thing ever, expect to see more gifs on your mates’ profiles in the foreseeable future.

All you have to do is click on your profile and if you have a little video icon on your picture, then you can just click and record.

You might notice that this isn’t the only change, either - there is also a section to add more of a brief bio, much like your Twitter page.

And you can also set temporary profile pics that revert back to your original one after a set period of time.

This was introduced to allow for pictures that change for campaigns - like the rainbow colours to show support for gay marriage.

As long as they don’t get rid of the ‘Most Recent’ option for your feed like they did briefly a few days ago, Facebook get a ‘Like’ from us.

Pics: Facebook


Prisoner Kicked Inmate Because She ‘Broke Wind Near Her’

A female prisoner lashed out at a fellow inmate after she allegedly broke wind near her.

Jeanelle Callahan was being transported to a county jail in Florida when she allegedly kicked Virginia Turner in the face.

According to Officer Stephen Zulauf, Callahan “claimed that Virginia Turner ‘farted’ near her” - which did not seem to go well.

Officer Zulauf added that Callahan “raised her right leg and kicked Virginia Turner’s right side of her face”.

She then apparently tried to elbow Turner, 60, before the pair were pulled apart by police.

Callahan, 48, had earlier been arrested after she allegedly punched her male roommate, leaving him with a bloody nose.

She is said to have been “highly intoxicated” during the original incident.

Callahan had faced a charge of battery but a second charge has now been added following the fight with Turner, which was apparently recorded by cameras in the vehicle.

Turner has since been released from custody.